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Discover the Secrets to Neck Tightening: Expert Advice on Treatments and Skincare

Written by Dr. Pouya Farhadi | Medically reviewed by Editorial Team
Last updated on: April 07, 2023

Why should one get skin tightening on the neck?

A poorly defined jawline and saggy neck can detract from elegant facial characteristics. On the other hand, well balanced and harmonized features of face along with the neck can add years to show a more youthful and defined appearance.

What is the best treatment for neck tightening?

It depends upon multiple factors e.g skin laxity, skin thickness, skin type and wrinkles. Mostly a combination of different treatments are considered to achieve optimal results. However, HIFU (Liftera) and Microneedling radio frequency (Secret Duo) are amongst the best options. 

What treatments are available for neck tightening?

Microneedling RF (Secret Duo) , HIFU High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (Liftera), 

Fractional laser (Halo laser), Short threads , Skin boosters e.g. Profhilo, Jalupro & Hyperdiluted radiesse, Botox, Chin sculpting: fat burning injections and trusculpt ID, IPL (BBL skintyte), PRP Platelet Rich Plasma and mesotherapy with or without Microneedling. 

What is the best age to start office based procedures for neck tightening?

The skin and muscles on the neck area start to become loose once we reach the age of 40. Therefore around the age range of mid to late 30s is considered the ideal age to start office based treatments mentioned above to limit ageing on the neck area.

What skin care can help to tighten the skin  on the neck area?

Sun protection, maintaining weight, balanced diet, good sleep, well hydration, applying anti aging creams with ingredients like retinol, vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid, avoiding smoking and eventually early start of office based skin tightening procedures to prevent skin sagging.

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