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PRP with Subcision

Why Choose SKIN111?

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What is the treatment?

PRP with Subcision is a combination treatment to treat deep acne scars and other textural damage to the skin. Subcision is a minimally-invasive procedure which releases the tension and adhesion of the skin layers due to scarring and trauma. A needle will be inserted into the deeper layers of the skin and cut through the fibrotic tissues, followed by injection of Platelet- Rich Plasma (PRP).

Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP is a novel treatment option for acne scar management due to its skin remodeling properties. It is taken from the patient’s own blood, processed in a centrifuge. PRP is very rich in growth factors, stem cells and other components which are vital in remodeling the scars. These 2 treatments in one procedure is proven to be 40% more effective, which can provide significant improvements even in one single sitting.

What is the downtime?

Initially, after the procedure there will be minor swelling and possibility of some bruising, however, there are no limitations with physical activity after the procedure. The swelling, discomfort and possible bruising will resolve in 3 days’ time.

What are the results?

In a single-sitting of combination treatment of PRP with Subcision, the patient can expect improvements of deep acne scars, specifically in Rolling and Box-Type Scars, (see image below). It may be necessary to repeat the treatment or combine it with other modalities depending on the severity of scars.

What are the benefits?

This treatment is not only limited to the improvement of acne scars alone. Along with Subcision, the controlled trauma will induce collagen production which will improve the over-all quality of the skin. The treatment can also help in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, dilated pores and other textural problem that the patient might have. The Platelet-Rich Plasma has powerful properties that supports skin rejuvenation, improvement of pigmentation problem, and uneven skin tone.

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