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Laser Hair Removal Dubai

Why Choose SKIN111?

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Flawless hair free skin forever

For most women and men, their appearance is of utmost importance, and so they will go to great lengths to make sure that they look their best. Unfortunately, undesirable hair is one of the crucial issues which many of them face each day. They’d wish to enjoy smooth hairless arms, armpits, and legs every day, and while there are several strategies of achieving the same, few provide an extended-term option such as laser hair removal.

Full body laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is the most successful procedure for removing unwanted hair. It can be used almost anywhere on the face and body. Unlike other methods of hair removal such as waxing and shaving, laser hair removal provides long-term results. The hair will become softer and finer, making it less visible, and growth will slow down with each treatment.

How DUETTO MT EVO works for hair removal?

The Duetto MT EVO is equipped with two lasers, the Alexandrite and Nd:YAG. These lasers can be used simultaneously based on client’s skin type and hair quality.

The laser damages the hair follicle to inhibit hair growth and disrupt hair cycle. It selectively targets the melanin in the hair root, which then be converted to thermal energy causing the destruction of the hair follicle. In comparison with traditional hair removal methods, laser hair removal provides long lasting results with low-risk of possible skin injury. Laser hair removal is the most efficient hair removal method for both men and women, which is even safe for sensitive and intimate areas.

The most effective way to limit the discomfort during the procedure is through an air cooling system. Not all laser hair removal devices are equipped with this technology, meanwhile Duetto MT EVO has a built in cooling system that continuously emits cool air all throughout the procedure. This technology greatly reduces unpleasant sensation and limit overheating of the superficial skin. In addition, Duetto MT EVO has superior adjustability when it comes to spot sizes. Hence, it can effectively target small and large areas.

What are the advantages of this device over others?

  • The Mixed Lased Technology which allows the device to emit 2 lasers in each pulses targeting both fine and thick hair.
  • Built-in air cooling system for painless procedure.
  • Safe for all skin type
  • Effective for fine and thick dark hair
  • Efficient and fast Treatment- Full Body Treatment in 1 hour
  • Safe for intimate and sensitive areas

Laser hair removal instruction

Before the treatment

  • No sun exposure and skin tanning treatments for 14 days.
  • No recent aesthetic procedure such as laser, IPL and skin resurfacing for 4 weeks.
  • No plucking, waxing, electrolysis and depilatory creams for 4 weeks.
  • It is advised to shave the 1-2 before the treatment.
  • It is advised to come with clean skin and free from cosmetic products.

After the treatment

  • Avoid sun exposure, skin tanning and body scrubs.
  • Apply sun screen at all times.
  • Minimal skin redness and irritation is expected after the treatment which will resolve within an hour.
  • Avoid sweating and washing the treated area.
  • Avoid any irritating skin products such as retinol, glycolic, or salicylic acid.

Treatment areas

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Abdomen
  • Intimate areas: Bikini and Buttocks
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Underarms
  • Arms
  • Small Areas: Beard line, Mustache, Chin, and Pina
  • MEN


    Small Area - Upper Lip/ Lower Lip/ Chin/ Jawline

    1 session 15%: 59.50 AED
    3 session 25%: 157.50 AED
    6 session 30%: 294.00 AED

    70 AED
    Medium area – Full Face / Half-Arms / Bikini Line/ Neck/ Underarms

    1 session 15%: 193.50 AED
    3 sessions 25%: 517.50 AED
    6 sessions 30%: 966.00 AED

    230 AED
    Large Area – Full Bikini/ Full-Arms/ Half-Back/ Buttocks/ Chest/ Tummy/ Half-Legs

    1 session 15%: 289.00 AED
    3 sessions 25%: 765.00 AED
    6 sessions 30%: 1428.00 AED

    340 AED
    Extra Large Area – Full Legs/ Chest and Tummy/ Full Back

    1 session 15%: 425.00 AED
    3 sessions 25%: 1125.00 AED
    6 sessions 30%: 2100.00 AED

    500 AED
    Full Body

    1 session 15%: 1147.50 AED
    3 sessions 25%: 3037.50 AED
    6 sessions 30%: 5670 AED

    1350 AED


    Small area – Upper Lip/ Lower Lip/ Chin/ Jawline

    1 session 15%: 59.50 AED
    3 session 25%: 157.50 AED
    6 session 30%: 294.00 AED

    70 AED
    Medium area – Face/ Half-Arms / Beard Line/ Neck/ Underarms

    1 session 15%: 280.50 AED
    3 sessions 25%: 742.50 AED
    6 sessions 30%: 1386.00 AED

    330 AED
    Large area – Full Bikini/ Full-Arms/ Half-Back/ Buttocks/ Chest/ Tummy/ Half-Legs

    1 session 15%: 395.25 AED
    3 sessions 25%: 1046.25 AED
    6 sessions 30%: 1953.00 AED

    465 AED
    Extra Large area – Full Legs/ Chest and Tummy/ Full Back

    1 session 15%: 561.00 AED
    3 sessions 25%: 1485.00 AED
    6 sessions 30%: 2772.00 AED

    660 AED
    Full body

    1 session 15%: 1428.00 AED
    3 sessions 25%: 3780.00 AED
    6 sessions 30%: 7056.00 AED

    1680 AED

Laser hair removal before and after

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