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Fat Dissolving Injection (Injection Lipolysis)

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Fat Dissolving Injection (Injection Lipolysis) is a safe and versatile fat-dissolving injection treatment that may be administered almost anywhere on the body. It is very popular for reducing fatty deposits in a variety of areas such as the upper arms, double chin, and muffin tops.

It acts by hydrolyzing the wall of fat cells, causing them to release their lipid content. It then breaks down the fat cells, allowing them to be eliminated from the body naturally.

These ‘fat dissolving’ injections (Injection Lipolysis) can destroy fat cells, therefore causing them to no longer accumulate or store fat. It is especially popular and recommended for patients who wish to remove fat from areas which do not respond easily to diet and exercise.

Commonly treated areas include:
    Double chin Around the cheeks / jowls Arms Thighs Abdomen Waistline / love handles

Our skilled Aesthetics Doctors will provide a consultation to give you the best advice on fat reduction using this technique alone or in combination with other treatments we can provide to achieve your desired results.

The duration of the procedure varies depending on the size of the area to be treated, approximately from 20-60 minutes; it is minimally invasive with good results.

From 920 AED

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