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What is DNA

DNA is a molecule that serves as the hereditary material containing biological instructions that make every human and other organisms unique. The purpose of DNA is to instruct organisms, including humans, on developing, surviving, and reproducing. For this to happen, DNA sequences known as “genes” and are converted into proteins (complex molecules) that perform many functions in our bodies.

Types of DNA Testing

DNA Diet Test

This test shows how we respond to foods differently due to our unique genetic makeup, as we have individual nutritional needs.

DNA is tested to see if you have genetic variations linked to certain food reactions. The tests vary, but they typically assess your risk for lactose intolerance and coeliac disease, as well as sensitivities to coffee, alcohol, carbohydrates, fat, and salt. The report you receive from us will include advice from our Doctors about foods to eat or avoid, how to reduce weight or manage your weight, and your requirement for certain vitamins and nutrients.

DNA Health Test

DNA health tests can provide information about some aspects of your genetic health, ranging from serious to fun.

    Fitness. Genetic health risk. Wellness and health traits. Carrier screening. Nutrition and dietary intolerances. Cellular ageing.

DNA Skin Test

Skin DNA tests examine the specific genes associated with different skin characteristics. The tests look for differences known as genetic variants in these genes, to predict which of these characteristics your skin will exhibit. Our Doctors will provide you with the best skincare routines to follow to maintain skin health and slow ageing.

DNA skin test examines variations on 18 genes associated with the following key areas involved in skin health and ageing.

The test will provide information on the following:

    Collagen Quality: The elasticity and firmness of the skin is determined by collagen, a protein that gives skin a plumped appearance. Skin Elasticity: Skin should be supple and be able to stretch back to its original shape. Sun Protection: Lighter skin is generally more sensitive to the sun, but even some people with a darker tone may find that they are genetically sensitive to UV rays. Pigmentation: The pigment melanin protects us from harmful UV rays by absorbing and dissipating them. Skin Antioxidants: How capable is your skin of producing antioxidants that fight free radical damage. Skin Sensitivity: Helps to identify the cause of inflammatory reactions, spots, etc.

Based on the DNA skin test results, our expert Doctors will advice you on personalised lifestyle and nutrition for improved skin care and decreased visible ageing signs. Tests can be done in our clinic or in the comfort of your own home.

DNA Sports Test

Sports and physical exercise is important for maintaining health and fitness. However, individuals differ in their responses to physical exercise. In other words, exercise does not affect everyone the same way. We respond to the training program and physical exercise differently based on our DNA.

The test analyse several genes to predict the level of oxygen consumption (for evaluating physical endurance), muscle strength, risk of sports injuries. It also predicts the effectiveness of exercise for losing weight and achieving your fitness goals.

DNA Test Prices


Price : 2500 AED

Reports on:

    Collagen Quality. Skin elasticity. Fine lines & wrinkles. Sun protection. Pigmentation. Skin antioxidants. Skin sensitivity.


Price : 2850 AED

Reports on:

    Cholesterol metabolism. Bone health. Inflammation. Oxidative stress. Susceptibility to diabetes. Food responsiveness and sensitivities.


Price : 2500 AED

Reports on:

    Variations linked to obesity and weight. Your ability to lose or gain weight easily. Your body's responsiveness to exercise.


Price : 2500 AED

Reports on:

    Endurance & aerobics capacity. Muscle fibre type & bone composition. Energy & fuel during exercise. Blood flow: blood pressure & oxygenation.

*Additional Collection and reporting charges apply.

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