ACNE Treatment Dubai

Acne vulgaris is a common skin condition due to blockage or inflammation of the sebaceous glands. 

Acne can be:



It mostly affects the face but there can also be involvement of the back and chest areas.

Factors that leads to the development of acne :

(1) blockage of the follicle (pilosebaceous unit) .
(2) inflammation  
(3) bacterial infection.
(4) increase in sebum production. 

Medical management:

First line therapy : topical retinoids and antibiotics. 

Light therapy. Bacteria are sensitive to certain types of light. Both blue and red light may be used. The light can also help decrease sebum production. 

A good response to treatment will be seen after two weeks into treatment. The acne lesions might appear worse before it gets better. 

Steroid injections:

Steroid injections for stubborn nodules and cysts that can be resolved within 4 days. These injections are employed for a '' quick fix ''. 

Chemical peels:

Helpful in controlling some types of acne. A mild chemical solution is applied to the skin. This helps to remove dead skin cells, blackheads and whiteheads.

If the above treatment modalities are not effective,  your doctor may consider using Isotretinoin. This treatment has some unwelcomed side effects so the benefit to risk ratio of employing this treatment needs to be weighed before initiating the patient on this treatment. 

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