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Thread Lift

Why Choose SKIN111?

    Long lifting threads from 552 AED per thread / Short rejuvenating threads 70 AED per thread after discounts. Free consultation with highly qualified and experienced Doctors who are skilled in Aesthetics treatments. Voted amongst the Top 6 Aesthetics clinic in the GCC in 2021, 2022, and 2023. Best Aesthetics Clinic in Dubai, MEA Business Awards. 2022 and 2023. Using only genuine products. Offering the best prices for the quality of service and product. Free payment plan (0% interest). Free Valet parking, open every day 9am – 10pm. 40% discount with SKIN111 loyalty card.

Thread lift helps lift & tighten sagging skin non-surgically

What is thread lift?

A thread lift involves lifting different parts of the face using specialised threads without surgical incisions.

Types of face thread lift available at SKIN111

    Rejuvenation Threads - stimulates the production of collagen so that the skin on your face is strengthened. Lifting Threads - ideal for gathering skin and therefore producing more lifting action.

Every thread lift begins with numbing the treatment area with a local anaesthetic. The threads are then inserted by our highly experienced doctor under your skin using a cannula or needle. At SKIN111, we use PDO threads for lifting as it gives the highest amount of lifting.

Difference between long and short threads

    PDO (Long threads) - gathers skin to produce a lifting action. They are usually put at the hair line and are used to pull the skin back gently. PDO (Short threads) - offers less lift but even more collagen stimulation for contouring. These threads are purposely put along the brows or at the corner of the lips.

What Areas Can Thread Lift Be Used On?

Most parts of the face that are showing signs of ageing can be treated with a thread lift. The jaw, cheeks, neck, and eyes are the most commonly treated areas with thread lifting. Also, static lines which do not respond to Botox treatments (as dynamic lines), dimples, loss of volume or asymmetries are indications for PDO rejuvenation threads face lifts.

Threads Price
Short PDO threads 70 AED per thread
Long threads Face lift AED 990 - AED 2,900

Benefits of face thread lift

    Effective and safe. A great substitute for people who don't qualify for surgery. No noticeable scarring or pain.

FAQs on Face Thread Lift

Who is suitable for a thread lift?

    People who are in the late-30s-to-early-50s age range. People with mild to moderate loose skin.

When can I start seeing the result of face thread lift?

The results of thread lifts are instant. However, the best results are generally visible after 4-8 weeks once the new collagen has formed.

How long does the thread lift results last?

Typically, the threads included in a PDO thread lift dissolves six to nine months following the treatment.

Does a thread lift require anaesthesia?

Yes, before the face thread lift procedure, you will have had local anaesthetic applied onto the area being treated.

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