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Oligoscan Analysis

What is Oligoscan?

Painless - Accurate - Non-invasive - Real-time Results

OligoScan quickly and precisely measures the vitamin and mineral trace elements and heavy metals in your tissues in less than 1 minute, details are sent to you instantly by email. This involves no injections or blood taking with immediate results more precise than a standard blood test.

Using high-frequency light spectrophotometry to provide a precise analysis of the trace elements, vitamins, minerals and heavy metals in your body. Then using AI Algorithms and the values of these measurements gives an analysis of a variety of health patterns in your body such as:

    Cells oxidation level and cells rate of ageing Predisposition to diabetes/ insulin resistance/thyroid disease/allergies Status of brain function Hormone balance Skin, hair, nails, and joints conditions Intestinal absorption Level of liver detox Elements necessary for optimal cardiovascular system level


The oligoscan uses spectrophotometry, a quantitative analytical method, which measures the absorbance or the optical density of a chemical substance. The basic principle is that every chemical compound absorbs, emits or reflects light (electromagnetic radiation) over a certain range of wave length. The more the sample is concentrated, the more it absorbs the light within the limits of proportionality expressed in the law Beer- Lambert.

The spectrophotometry is used in many domains: chemistry, pharmacy, environment, food-processing industry, biology, medical / clinical, material / chemical engineering and clinical application and many others.

In the clinical applications, spectrophotometry is used to examine blood or tissues for clinical diagnosis.


    An evaluation of the bioavailability of minerals, trace- elements, and vitamins in a short amount of time. Analysis of deficiencies and excess of minerals, vitamins, and potential heavy metal poisoning Complete and personalized results will help you optimize the follow-up care and offer well-founded advice.

Why should you have it?

OligoScan will accurately inform you of the levels of vitamins, minerals, heavy metals and oxidative stress in your body – deficiencies or excess; it can help us to identify supplement and detoxification requirements.

Nutrient deficiencies or accumulation of heavy metals in the body can result in a range of health and wellbeing complications, therefore, OligoScan can be very helpful in patients suffering from common complaints such as:

    Acne, sensitive or problem skin Allergies/sensitivities Trouble sleeping Weight gain Low immune system

Once we understand what is going on in your body, it is much easier to give the right advice.

By analyzing the results from OligoScan we can determine and advice on which IV drip or other treatments are best to address your exact requirements and bring your health, wellness, energy and mental clarity to optimal levels.

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Price 910 AED| Price 450 AED.

OligoScan Analysis is completely free of charge if you proceed with any IV drip.

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