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Pico Laser Treatment in Dubai, UAE

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What is Pico Laser Treatment?

SmartPICO Rejuvenation & Tatoo Removal laser is a powerful laser device which uses ultra-short pulses and high-speed laser beam to create laser-induced optical breakdown to the target skin tissue, instead of thermal damage. It produces strong unheated pulses into the skin and destroys pigments and particles, which will naturally eliminate by the body.PICO technology is known to be the most effective non-invasive treatment for tattoo removal and hyperpigmentation. SMARTPico is a new generation laser device equipped with Pico and Nano Technology combined. SMARTPico treatment distinguishes itself from traditional lasers by providing remarkable results with minimal downtime, making it the treatment of choice for various skin concerns.

What are the Benefits of Pico Laser?

PICO technology is the latest discovery in laser therapy. Smart PICO Machine by DEKA, is a cutting-edge device equipped with PICO and Nano technology, the 2 most effective and proven lasers that can treat deep pigmentation such as Melasma and Nevus, reduce post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), remove dark and colored tattoo pigments and other various concerns such as:

  • Freckles, Sunspots and Café au lait Spots
  • Melasma and Deep Pigmentation
  • Acne and Post-Acne Marks
  • Lip Lightening (Dark Smoker’s Lip)
  • Hair Bleaching
  • Carbon Peeling
  • Skin Rejuvenation and Collagen Production

Who needs PICO Laser Treatment?

The best patients for PICO Laser treatment are adult patients in any skin type with concerns of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, melasma and unwanted tattoos.

Pico Laser Procedure

Before the treatment, the patient is advised to avoid certain products that makes the skin more sensitive such as retinols, chemical peels, highly concentrated vitamin C creams and photosensitive drugs. The patient will be attended by the Doctor or Nurse therapist and numbing cream will be applied for 15-20 minutes, following the treatment.

Minimal redness is expected which will resolve within a day. There is no thermal damage to skin, downtime is relatively low without any physical limitations. For tattoo removal, downtime may vary depending on the size and nature of the tattoo pigments.

Pico Laser Treatment Before and After

Results of Pico Laser Treatment

Results will be visible from the first session, leaving the skin more polished, toned and smooth. As time passes, the results will improve, providing tightening of pores and continually improving until the results become permanent after four-month post-treatment.

Pico Laser Treatment in Dubai

Pico Laser Treatment addresses a range of skin concerns, offering a non-invasive, efficient, and transformative experience tailored to your unique needs providing instant results. At SKIN III, we offer the best Pico laser treatment in dubai with our team of experienced Aesthetic specialists and dermatologists using only the latest technology available to ensure our clients satisfaction.

Pico Laser Treatment FAQs

How Pico Laser Differs from Other Laser Treatments?

Most lasers emit heated pulses which can cause thermal damage to the skin. On the hand, PICO laser produces strong unheated pulses which produce mechanical breakdown to the skin pigments or particles. Because it is a non-heating treatment, downtime and uncontrolled damage is less.

Pico Laser Treatment Availability in Dubai?

SKIN 111 offers PICO laser treatments at a very good price point, while maintaining high quality service and excellent customer rating.

Specific Skin Concerns Addressed with Pico Laser in Dubai?

PICO laser is the safest laser device, especially for darker skin types. Pico laser in Dubai treats a number of concerns, including; melasma, acne scars, active acne, pigmentation, hyperpigmentation, aging spots, epidermal dermal lesions, dermal lesions, vellus hair, and more.

Recommended Sessions for Optimal Pico Laser Results?

Number of sessions required may vary depending on patient condition. Generally, 4 weeks interval in between sessions is needed for proper skin recovery.

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