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Prevention is better than cure

We truly believe that prevention is better than cure. Many chronic diseases may not show warning symptoms at the early stage. Regular health check-ups can help us detect these diseases much earlier. It can also be used to check the functioning of your organs including the heart, liver, and kidneys. It can help to determine the general wellbeing of patients by ruling out lifestyle-related medical conditions like diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidaemia (elevated cholesterol), anaemia, food intolerance etc and take preventive measures as recommended by our expert doctors.

The procedure involves collecting a small sample of the specimen from your body, which is quick and relatively painless. We provides home visits for health check-ups. Our nurses will visit your home at a time of your convenience and collect the required blood samples.

Benefits of regular health check-ups:
  • Helps to detect risk factors at an early stage
  • Aids in monitoring the existing health conditions
  • Prevent chronic medical conditions
  • Increase the chances of treatment and cure

We provide two packages for health check-ups - Standard Health Check-up and Executive Health Check-up.

Sr. No. Tests Standard Health Check-up (Price 400 AED) Executive Health Check-up (Price 700 AED)
1 Complete blood count (15 parameters)
2 Kidney function tests
-Uric acid
-Calcium free(Ionized)
3 Liver function tests
-Protein total
-Albumin/Globulin ratio
-Bilirubin total
-Bilirubin direct
-Alanine Transferase
-Aspartate Aminotransferase
-Alkaline Phosphatase
-Gama glutamyl transpeptidase
4 Lipid Profile
-Cholesterol Total
-HDL Cholesterol
-LDL Cholesterol
-Cholesterol/HDL Ratio
5 Diabetes Profile
-Estimated average glucose
6 Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
7 Vitamin D, 25-hydroxy (25-OH-Cholecalciferol)
8 Urine routine (22 Parameters)

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