Regular Health Check-up

Today's busy schedules and hectic lifestyles can give rise to many health problems and certain diseases such as heart disease, stroke, asthma, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, thyroid, high blood pressure, etc.

Regular examinations can help in the detection of potential health problems before they become serious. When you visit the Doctor regularly, they can detect health problems or diseases at an early stage. Early detection improves your chances of receiving the best treatment available and avoiding future complications. You can take important steps toward living a longer, healthier life by getting the right health services, screenings, and treatment. The procedure includes taking a small sample of the specimen from your body, which is quick and painless. In addition, we offer free home visits for health check-ups. Our nurses will visit your house when it is convenient for you to collect the necessary blood samples.

The benefits of regular check-ups include:

  • Reduce your risk of falling sick.
  • Detect potentially life-threatening health diseases or conditions early.
  • Increase your chances for cure and treatment.
  • Prepares you for a healthy lifestyle and healthy ageing.
  • Limits the risk of complications by closely monitoring existing conditions.
  • Reduces healthcare costs over time by avoiding costly medical services.

At Skin111, we provide two packages for health check-ups - Standard Health Check-up and Executive Health Check-up.

Sr. No. Tests Standard Health Check-up
(Price 400 AED)
Executive Health Check-up
(Price 700 AED)
1 Complete blood count (15 parameters)
2 Kidney function tests    
  -Uric acid  
  -Calcium free(Ionized)  
3 Liver function tests    
  -Protein total  
  -Albumin/Globulin ratio  
  -Bilirubin total  
  -Bilirubin direct  
  -Alanine Transferase
  -Aspartate Aminotransferase
  -Alkaline Phosphatase  
  -Gama glutamyl transpeptidase  
4 Lipid Profile    
  -Cholesterol Total
  -HDL Cholesterol  
  -LDL Cholesterol  
  -Cholesterol/HDL Ratio  
5 Diabetes Profile    
  -Estimated average glucose  
6 Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
7 Vitamin D, 25-hydroxy (25-OH-Cholecalciferol)
8 Urine routine (22 Parameters)

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