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Whenever you look in the mirror, it appears that a new line has appeared. You clutch your face and wonder how much longer it will be before your face resembles a sandy desert landscape covered in wrinkles. Fortunately, dermal fillers can help to prevent this. At our clinic, we use dermal fillers to add volume and restore facial contours where fat volume and skin elasticity have decreased with age.

Dermal filler facial correction includes:

  • Plump lips.
  • Softer facial wrinkles and creases.
  • Enhanced contours.
  • Correction of contour deformities.
  • Improvement in recessed scars.


Dermal fillers enhance facial features and plump and fill lines, grooves, or sunken areas by injecting a medically developed solution beneath the skin with a fine needle.

Treatment Areas

  • Lips.
  • Cheeks.
  • Nose.
  • Mouth.
  • Jawline.
  • Chin.


  • Minimal downtime.
  • Immediate results.
  • Enhance and redefine your features.
  • Use of naturally occurring substances such as Hyaluronic acid.
  • Glowing and youthful skin.
  • It helps to build self-confidence.
  • Amazing natural-looking results.

Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is one of the commonly used compounds in dermal fillers (HA). HA is a naturally occurring substance found in our skin that helps to keep it hydrated and volumized.

  • Provides intense hydration.
  • Anti-ageing properties to slow down the ageing process.
  • Help reduce fine lines & create smoother skin.
  • Builds up layers of protection due to excessive sun exposure.
  • Helps you reduce pigmentation and blemishes.

Why choose Skin111

  • Highly qualified European Plastic surgeon and UK Aesthetics Doctor with many years of experience; skilled in Aesthetics treatments as this is an art work and can produce amazing results in the right hands.
  • Voted amongst the Top 6 Aesthetics clinic in the GCC.
  • Using only genuine products from the UK and USA.
  • Offering the best prices for the quality of service and product.
  • Located in the heart of DIFC (opposite of Cipriani’s / next to Zuma) with free valet parking or private lift direct to our clinic and back to your car from parking. Safety
  • We only use high-quality fillers that are scientifically proven to be safe, effective and reasonably long-lasting.
  • Patients at SKIN111 clinic only receive dermal filler injections from our highly experienced and specialized Doctors prioritizing our client’s comfort and results with attention to detail in order to offer the best possible treatments to achieve their goals.
  • We put your safety at the heart of everything we do in the safest environment possible.

Combination Procedures

At Skin111, we offer a tailor-made approach to anti-ageing and cosmetic injections, combining the latest injectable products to suit each patient's requirements for a bespoke result.

  • Chemical Peels.
  • Hydra Facials.
  • Laser Skin Tightening.

Brands used at Skin111

At Skin111, we offer a tailor-made approach to anti-ageing and cosmetic injections, combining the latest injectable products to suit each patient's requirements for a bespoke result.

  • Juvederm Vollure - This is the longest-lasting dermal filler and is specifically designed for the nasolabial folds and the parenthesis around the mouth.
  • Juvederm Volbella - used to increase lip fullness and soften the appearance of 'smoker's lines around the mouth.
  • Restylane - helps smooth wrinkles and plump your cheeks and lips.
  • Teosyal Redensity 2 - helps with even filling of lines, superficial wrinkles, fine wrinkles and skin cracks and reduce signs of ageing.
  • Teosyal Ultradeep adds volume to the face and remove folds in the skin.

Types of Dermal fillers

At Skin111, we offer a tailor-made approach to anti-ageing and cosmetic injections, combining the latest injectable products to suit each patient's requirements for a bespoke result.

  • Russian Lip Fillers - Enhancing and augmenting your lips through lip filers can improve facial appearance in just a short time. The treatment at Skin111 is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure. Choose from Russian lips/velvet lips to Contoured only lips and your customized smile designs. This treatment will shape your lips into a subtle heart with more volume near the centre, similar to a Russian doll.
  • Lip Fillers - Plump and enhance the lips by adding volume and augmenting the contours. Lip fillers can add fullness to thin lips and treat lip lines and wrinkles.
  • Facial Fillers for Lines - Smooth lines around nose and mouth.
  • Cheek Fillers - Enhance and restore volume to cheeks, contouring your cheekbones.
  • Nose Fillers - A well-balanced nose is essential for facial harmony. Non-surgical rhinoplasty, an exciting new alternative is available for patients who want to improve the shape of their nose without undergoing surgery.
  • Jawline Fillers - Define your Jawline and add a gentle lift with our specialized jawline fillers.
  • Chin Fillers - Create a stronger profile and smooth out crease lines.
  • Skin111 exclusive Dermal Fillers for the body - At Skin111 Clinic, we are introducing Dermal Fillers for the body. The filler is constituted with Cross Linked Hyaluronic Acid and Cross Linked Dextran. This gives longer lasting results and resembles the normal human tissue giving it a more natural appearance. The fillers are usually used to augment the back of the hand and fingers, calves and buttocks. The results stay for up to 18 months.


Before any treatment, a comprehensive initial consultation takes place with the Doctor. The total cost of lip fillers depends on the filler material used, how many syringes are required for the procedure, and how often you'll need to repeat treatment to maintain results. Please book an appointment with one of our experienced Doctors to attain a youthful appearance. The appointment can be booked online or via telephone.


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