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Venus Bliss – Non Invasive Fat Reduction

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What is venus bliss treatment?

Venus Bliss is a powerful slimming device equipped with the 2 most effective fat reduction technologies. Venus Bliss has 1064 Laser Applicators that effectively break down fats through lipolysis. On the other hand, MP2 is a handheld applicator that combines Multipolar Radiofrequency, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field and Varipulse Technology to shrink the fat cells, tighten the skin and improve lymphatic drainage for effective elimination.

How does venus bliss fat reduction & body contouring work?

Venus Bliss treatment releases a low level laser beam into the fat layer to break down stored fats into smaller fat particles. These fat particles will be transported by the body to the lymphatic drain for elimination and some will be burned by the muscles during exercise and activities.

What are the body areas that can be treated with venus bliss slimming device?

Venus Bliss is FDA- cleared to treat localized fats over the abdomen and flanks. It is also applicable for various areas of concern such as inner and outer thighs, back fats/ bra-fats and cellulites.

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Venus bliss FAQs

>Is the Venus Bliss Slimming Device safe?

Venus Bliss is an FDA- approved device for fat reduction. It is certified to be safe and proven effective for non-invasive lipolysis and cellulite reduction. However, it is highly recommended to seek guidance from expert Doctors and qualified Therapists.

>How long does each Venus Bliss treatment session take?

Generally, all four Venus Bliss Laser Applicators can be used simultaneously in a 25 minute treatment. The duration of Venus Bliss treatment may depend on the treatment area and number of applicators required.

>How soon can the result of the Venus Bliss treatment be expected?

Noticeable improvement can be realized within a 12-week period after initial Venus Bliss treatment. Reasonably, results may vary according to the client's treatment goal and overall condition.

>How many sessions of Venus Bliss fat reduction are required for optimal results?

Optimal results may vary from every patient, depending on the fat thickness and treatment goal. Each session could reach up to 19% of fat layer thickness reduction. Generally, most patients require 2-3 sessions with a 6-8 weeks interval.

>Is there any downtime or recovery period after Venus Bliss body contouring treatment?

After the treatment, minimal skin redness is expected over the area. However, it resolves within the day without physical or activity limitations.

>Can the device be used in combination with other slimming or cosmetic procedures?

Venus Bliss is equipped with the 2 most effective technology for slimming and fat reduction, 1064 Diode Laser Applicator and MP2 handheld device. These treatments are a perfect combination to address stubborn fats and cellulites. Aside from that, other cosmetic procedures can also be paired to Venus Bliss treatments for a more effective and personalized approach.

Our qualified Doctors and Therapists can consider combination treatment of Aqualyx Injection, Venus Bliss, Morpheus8 and other fat loss solutions available at SKIN 111.

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