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PRP Treatment for Hair

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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy for Hair

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is an autologous concentration of platelets in plasma with numerous growth factors that contribute to hair regeneration.

During PRP preparation, a small amount of blood is drawn similar to blood tests and centrifuged to extract PRP. The PRP is then injected in the scalp for hair growth. It stimulates hair growth by improving follicle vascularization, prolonging the anagen phase, and inducing a faster transition from the telogen to the anagen phase.

The PRP injection process is fast and recovery time is short. The whole procedure is completed in under an hour. Individuals can resume normal activities immediately after procedure.

Benefits of PRP Treatment for hair:

    Improve hair growth in all types of hair loss disorders including Androgenetic Alopecia & telogen effluvium. Increases the diameter of the existing hair The safe & quick procedure with no cuts or incisions involved. Reduce hair loss one month following the treatment. Less oily dandruff on the scalp through revitalization.

PRP Hair Treatment FAQs:

How long does PRP hair treatment take?

It takes approximately 30-45 minutes. It takes 5-10 minutes to draw blood, another 10 minutes to spin out the other cells, and 10-15 minutes for injections.

How often should I come in?

To begin with, I recommend 4 treatments, spaced one month apart to boost hair growth. Maintenance treatment spaced out every 2-3 months can be done.

Is PRP hair treatment painful?

Most of the patients tolerate it very easily but, in some others, a topical numbing solution/cream can be applied for 20-30 minutes in advance of the treatment.

What are possible side effects of hair PRP treatments?

Since it is completely natural, void of synthetic factors, as it is derived 100% from your own blood hence, there is no risk of any side effects.

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