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Gum Treatment In Dubai

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What are gum diseases?

Periodontal disorders, commonly called gum diseases, are conditions characterized by inflammation of the tissues around the teeth. The primary culprit behind these gum disorders is the accumulation of bacterial plaque. These afflictions can vary from mild gum irritations to severe conditions threatening the health of the soft tissues and bones anchoring the teeth. If not addressed adequately, these periodontal disorders can result in the loss of teeth.

Types of gum diseases

    Gingivitis: This initial stage of gum disorder results in redness, puffiness, and a tendency for the gums to bleed. Regular dental care and gum treatments can reverse its effects. Periodontitis: This is a more progressed stage of gum ailment. If left unchecked, it can harm the gums, bones, and other structures anchoring the teeth. Gum Recession: This condition manifests when the gum line retracts from the teeth, unveiling the underlying roots. Multiple factors contribute to this issue, such as improper tooth alignment, forceful brushing habits, tobacco use, and hereditary factors. Gum overgrowth: Enlargement of the gum tissue, primarily associated with bleeding on brushing.

What is gum treatment?

Typically known as therapy for periodontitis, gum treatment encompasses a range of methods tailored to halt tissue deterioration and rejuvenate healthy gums. The condition's intensity dictates the approach, which could vary from non-invasive techniques targeting bacterial management to surgical interventions aimed at rejuvenating the supporting structures.

Benefits of gum treatment

    Preventing Halitosis: Many people complain of bad breath, "halitosis," and often, the cause of this bad breath is just an inflamed gum; treating that will eliminate that problem. Halting Tooth Loss: Tooth loss due to gum diseases is a common side effect of periodontal diseases. Effective gum treatment can stop their progression and help retain the teeth. Improved Gum Health: Reduces redness, swelling, and bleeding of gums. Better Oral Health: Removal of bacterial plaque and tartar leads to a healthier oral environment.

Gum treatment before and after

The gum treatment procedure

The journey to gum restoration commences with a comprehensive assessment. Once the extent of the gum ailment is determined, the right course of periodontitis treatment is suggested in The CLINIC SKIN111 Dubai. In-depth dental cleaning methods such as scaling and root planing are commonly employed to eradicate plaque and tartar beneath the gum's edge.

Types of gum treatment

    Scaling: cleaning method to remove bacterial plaque and tartar. Halting Tooth Loss: Deep cleaning method to remove bacterial plaque and tartar below the gum line in difficult places. Improved Gum Health: Used to cover roots or develop gum tissue. Better Oral Health: Lifts the gums back and removes tartar. The gums are then sutured back in place.

Gum treatment aftercare

Post getting a gum treatment , maintaining excellent oral hygiene is paramount. Regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups will keep the gums healthy. Using an antiseptic mouthwash can also prevent bacterial buildup.

Gum specialist and periodontist in Dubai, UAE

Dubai houses renowned gum specialists dedicated to diagnosing, preventing, and treating periodontal diseases. With specialized training and a patient-first approach, our gum specialists and periodontists provide some of the best gum treatments in Dubai.

Gum treatment FAQs:

Is gum treatment painful?

Modern gum treatments, especially in advanced dental clinics in Dubai, prioritize patient comfort. While there might be slight discomfort, most procedures, especially non-surgical ones, are relatively pain-free.

How long does recovery take after gum treatment?

Recovery duration for gum treatment varies based on the treatment type. Non-surgical treatments usually involve minimal downtime, while surgical procedures might require a few days to weeks for complete healing.

Are there any risks associated with gum treatment?

Like all medical interventions, certain risks may be present with gum treatments. Nonetheless, the chances of complications remain low, mainly when a skilled Dentist/Periodontist in Dubai delivers the care. Adhering to post-treatment guidelines and with the Doctor's advice can substantially reduce these potential hazards.

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Dr. Rodi Dirki

Meet Dr. Rodi Dirki, a skilled dental practitioner with over a decade of experience in creating dental masterpieces. Dr. Dirki is a highly regarded dentist and the smile architect behind countless radiant smiles that have brought joy and confidence to his patients.

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Specialist Ortodontist / Apex Diamond invisalign provider

Dr. Nizar Ishaq

Dr Nizar received his qualification from the University of Nantes in France and holds two Masters degrees in Orthodontics (DUO, CES). He is also a member of the French Orthodontist Association and the UAE Orthodontist Association.

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Senior Dental Nurse

Maria Concepcion (Connie)

Maria Sabino is a senior dental assistant of the clinic. Working for 14yrs in The Clinic. Working hand in hand with the doctors and Orthodontist, doing scanning, polishing, teeth whitening.

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