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TruSculpt iD VS CoolSculpting, what are the differences between the two weight loss treatment and who is the winner?

TruSculpt iD VS CoolSculpting, what are the differences between the two weight loss treatment and who is the winner?

Trusculpt iD is the latest body sculpting device by the top aesthetic device manufacturer ‘Cutera’ and is clinicllay proven plus FDA aproved. It is powered by Monopolar Radiofrequency to treat deep and superficial fats. This technology kills and destroys fat cells over the treated areas through heat; in which will be excreted naturally by the body. It is equipped with hands-free and hand-held paddles to target stubborn fats in various body areas.

CoolSculpt is another FDA-approved non-invasive treatment to remove fats from the target area through cryo-lipolysis. It freezes the fat cells through cryo-technology and vacuum that causes them to die and be eliminated from body through the lymphatic drain. It requires additional lymphatic tissue massage to trigger fat destruction. 



Trusculpt id only requires 15-minute treatment time to achieve therapeutic temperature for fat removal. It can also target different areas in one treatment cycle, varying from small to larger body parts. Because Trusculpt iD uses heat from the monopolar radiofrequency it will not require a longer time to reach the temperature of 44-45 degree Celsius to damage the fat cells.

Our body has a resting temperature of 36.1-37.2 degree Celsius which is much higher than required therapeutic temperature for CoolSculpting, it adds significant amount of time for the procedure. An average treatment time of 1 hour and 30 minutes is needed to complete the cycle. Furthermore, an additional time for post-lymphatic massage sessions is mandatory to activate the destruction of fat cells and to shape the treated areas, which is not necessary for Trusculpt iD.



In CoolSculpting, a suction paddle will be placed on to the target area to create a vacuum, this then freezes the skin and fat simultaneously. Due to this mechanism, there will be a pulling and tugging sensation throughout treatment time which is also accompanied by pinching and cramping. Reports of intense cold feeling, neuropathic pain, delayed onset soreness and serious bruising are associated with the procedure. It is not recommended to patients with low pain tolerance. 

On the other hand, Trusculpt iD increases temperature to the targeted area without any suction or mechanical force required. It was described by many patient that the sensation is like having a hot stone massage. During the treatment, the machine will be programmed to reach a certain therapeutic temperature and will maintain it without exceeding the limit. This auto-control ensures that desired heat will be delivered without compromising patient comfortability. After the treatment, the patient is expected to have minimal redness around the area.



Trusculpt iD and CoolSculpt are proven to deliver significant results when it comes to non-invasive fat removal. 

On average the TruSculpt iD leads to 24%-32% fat reduction whereas CoolSculpting leads to a lesser 20-25% reduction. Furthermore, CoolSculpting has limitations in treating non-pinchable fat areas and patients with a BMI higher than 30. 

Despite a great time difference in treatment time between Trusculpt iD and CoolSculpt, both require at least 8-12 weeks to achieve maximum results. However, the effectiveness of CoolSculpting is largely dependent on the post-treatment lymphatic massages.



After CoolSculpt treatment, some patients reported to experience severe bruising over the treatment areas, tingling sensation and swelling. Other severe complications includes neuropathic pain and Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia (enlarged pocket of fat beneath the skin) and sagging skin. It is important to carefully select and assess the best candidate for the treatment. 

On the other hand, post-treatment with Trusculpt ID are expected to have redness, minimal bruising and warm sensation over the area. Expected side effects will resolve in the next 24 hours. 

Both treatments do not limit the patient to exercise or perform any physical activity. 





1. Can remove non-pinchable fat areas

2. Can treat patients with a BMI higher than 30

3. Minimal discomfort, downtime and complications

4. Improves skin laxity and firmness


1. 2 months treatment interval

2. Cannot treat patients with pacemakers and other implant devices such as insulin implants



1. Can be an alternative treatment for Gynecomastia (fats around the male chest)

2. No restriction on physical activity


1. Not ideal for patients with BMI higher than 30

2. Not ideal for patients with non-pinchable fats

3. Not ideal for patients with low pain tolerance 

4. Leaves the skin saggy after fat removal

5. Cannot treat patient with pacemakers and other implant devices such as insulin implants

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