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Tips on How to Lose Weight Fast

Written by Kenz Hernandez | Medically reviewed by Editorial Team
Last updated on: April 25, 2024

The main component of the body weight that many work hard to get rid of is the fat. There are hundreds of diet programs that are available, however none can deliver lasting and significant results. The foundation of a successful weight loss program remains in permanent lifestyle modification and changes in health habits. However, fats are deposited in the body in different location and affected by various factors such as hormones, genetics, stress, etc. Eventually, these accumulated fats will be converted into stubborn fat cells and become more resistant to lifestyle changes. This situation necessitates additional support through advance approaches such as non-surgical fat loss treatments, medically-prescribed weight loss injection and various surgical procedures. 

At Skin 111, we are offering wide range of weight loss and fats loss treatments that will assist the client for a faster, healthier and safer reduction of fats. 

Weight Loss and Anti-Insulin Resistance IV Therapy

It is an IV drip rich with active lipotropic agents that will be directly infused to the client bloodstream. The action of the lipotropic agents is to increase fat metabolism, enhance insulin sensitivity and corrects metabolic obesity. 

Non-Surgical Fat-Loss Treatments

Skin 111 is equipped with hi-tech devices such as Wonder Axon which delivers Neuromuscular Stimulation, Electromagnetic Stimulation, and Radiofrequency to the body. It works by increasing metabolic rate through muscle stimulation, resulting to fat loss and improved muscle mass. Cutera Trusculpt ID is a fat loss device that deliver Monopolar Radiofrequency to the fats cells to initiate apoptosis (cellular death). It can kill fat cells permanently which provide 24-32% improvement in one session. Many other devices are available, to know more visit any Skin 111 Branch.

Fat Burn Injection

Fat Burn injection or Lipolytic Injection are injectable products that are proven safe and effective to reduce fat cells. It is directly injected on the area of concern such as double chin fats, belly fats, love handles, etc. It is recommended to do it in combination of other non-surgical fat loss treatment for a much faster results. These injections are administered by a qualified and highly-experienced medical practitioner. 

5 tips for successful weight loss

Once target weight is achieved and successfully eliminated stubborn fats, it can be maintained through permanent lifestyle changes such as healthy, calorie-controlled diet and regular physical exercises. Here are the list of weight loss tips to consider:

  • Eliminate empty calories

Empty calories are beverages that provide extra energy without offering any additional nutritional benefits. These drinks are loaded with hundreds of calories such as sugar-sweetened sodas, energy drinks, artificially-flavored juices, and alcoholic beverages. 

  • Limit refined-carbs

Refinement is a process where natural fibers are removed from the food. Fibers are natural protection against insulin spikes and insulin resistance. Refined-carbs includes white rice, bread, pasta, noodles, cereals and pastries. 

  • Get enough rest and sleep

Lack of sleep and fatigue triggers the body to produce a hormone called ghrelin. Ghrelin is a hormone responsible in sending hunger signals to the brain. High levels of this hormone can increase appetite which can lead to weight gain. Having enough sleep keeps the hormone at the minimum. 

  • Breakfast loaded with proteins

Proteins are macronutrients that requires longer time to be digested. It can suppress hunger hormones which can control cravings and appetite later in the day. 

  • Be mindful of food labels

Food labels provide clear picture of the nutritional component of packaged goods. This information can be used to measure calorie intake and identify unfavorable ingredients like sodium, saturated fats and preservatives, which can also contribute to weight gain.

Weight Loss FAQs

How to lose belly fat fast?

Deposition of stubborn fats in the belly is really a disturbing concern. It is common for overweight patient with BMI more than 30. It will take a lot of time to reduce belly fats through regular exercises and diet plans alone due to the thick fat layer. There are medical devices and non –surgical treatments that can speed up and focus the fat loss process on the area, which provide significant results. 

How fast will you lose weight?

Weight loss and fat reduction varies from person to person. There are various factors that can affect the results such as fat thickness, BMI, Basal Metabolic Rate, age, hormones and lifestyle. On the other hand, there are treatments available such as Cutera Trusculpt ID that provide 23-34% fat loss on the treatment area in one session and Wonder Axon which can reduce body fat percentage by 10% in 1 month program. 

What is the fastest way to lose weight?

The fastest way to lose weight and eliminate stubborn fats is through combination of weight loss program, non-surgical fat loss treatment and lifestyle modification. For patient with BMI more than 30, surgical and invasive approach can be considered.

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