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How to get rid of neck fat

Written by Dr Eman Abdalla | Medically reviewed by Editorial Team
Last updated on: April 25, 2024

There are many ways and treatments to eliminate neck fat and/or double chin.


Lipolysis, which is a procedure in which we are injecting enzymes deep into the fat layers to dissolve fat cells then those dissolved fat cells will turn into water components and can easily be excreted through the lymphatic drainage system (either by urination or sweating).

Radiofrequency devices (Morpheus 8)

Radiofrequency devices (Morpheus 8) which will introduce heat to the deep fat layers to break down the fat cells and get rid of the double chin area plus encourage tightness as well.
We recommend this neck fat removal treatment to be repeated within 1 month, the number of slimming treatment sessions depends on the thickness of fat layer in the neck area.

Trusculpt ID

Trusculpt ID which is Monopolar Radiofrequency Machine, we can use specific probes for the Double chin or the Neck rolls, usually one session per month depending on how much fat is located in the neck area.

Results of the neck fat removal are generally seen after 8-12 weeks from 2-4 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks.

HIFU (high intense focused ultrasound)

HIFU (high intense focused ultrasound). Which is basically targeting the SMAS layer. So will stimulate collagen & elastin production which will act for neck tightening & lifting plus the heat will reduce the fat cells in the double chin area.    

Venus’s bliss

Venus’s bliss:  Machine for fat reduction using 3 technologies @Radiofrequency, @ Diode laser (1065nm), @Cavitation & lymphatic drainage.

What is neck fat?

This fat is technically known as submental fat & is usually related to weight gain.

Often, neck fat is known as double chin, which describes the multilayer of neck fat rolls.

Formation of double chin based on process (lipogenesis). Which means formation & accumulation of fat cells in specific tissue and then these fat cells will enlarge in size and increase in numbers. In this case it will end up in the formation of the neck rolls or double chin.

In some cases, it’s genetic, some other cases because of lifestyle (Junk Foods, Fatty foods, frequent mobile phones use).

Causes of neck fat

  • Facial structure.
  • Aging skin.
  • Excess fat accumulated in the neck area.
  • Low metabolic rate.
  • Unhealthy diet & lack of exercise.
  • Weak neck muscles.
  • Genetics

Healthy lifestyle choices for reducing neck fat 

  • Hydration: by drinking plenty of water to hydrate the skin & prevent sagging.
  • Regular exercises to strengthen the muscles of neck & jawline (yoga).
  • Avoid unhealthy habits (unhealthy food, smoking, improper sleep,)
  • Reduce calories intake.
  • Proper sleep.
  • Reduce stress.

Specialized neck exercises

  • Cardiovascular workout.
  • Exercise to strengthen the muscles in the neck area.

Some of these facial exercises include:

  • Slow neck rotations.
  • Stretch the tongue up & out for 10 seconds for 1 hr. daily. 
  • Chin light press upward using a resistance ball.
  • Pulling out your lower jaw forward & trying to hold it.
  • Pucker the lip while tilting Head backwards.
  • Facial Yoga with specific training.

Double chin treatment

1- Surgical Treatment

  • Liposuction (this procedure removes fat from beneath the skin & sculpts the chin & neck contour).

2- Nonsurgical Treatment

  • Lipolysis.
  • HIFU.
  • Thread lifting.
  • Radiofrequency Treatment.
  • Trusculpt ID.
  • Lipozero (lipocavitation)

Disadvantages of having a double chin (Risk of Neck fat):

Although double chin does not pose a problem for many people, in rare cases it can lead to health problems like sleep apnea which is characterized by a pause or stop in your breathing during a sleep cycle. Other issues may include hyoid bone that is characterized by the dislocation of the bone in the lower jaw line.

Even though sometimes a double chin isn't usually a sign of a health problem or disease many people consider them unsightly which can affect your self-image & self-confidence as well.  Especially in specific roles, often, double chins are combined with weight gain, although there are myriad potential causes.


Double chin is a common problem that we can get rid of easily with the most suitable treatment after getting proper consultation from your doctor, because treatments are different from person to person.

Should follow proper diet, exercise, and healthy habits.  The time it takes to get rid of a double chin will depend on the individual and the methods used. With a healthy diet and exercise, noticeable results can be seen in as little as a few weeks to a few months. 

Even very slim people might have a double chin due to their genetics, how they carry weight, their posture, and aging. To reduce a double chin naturally, practice jaw and neck exercises 10 to 15 times each day. Then, eat a balanced diet and exercise 150 minutes each week.

How To Get Rid of Neck Fat: FAQs

There’s no supplement specific to reduce the fat from the neck, however, vitamin E and Collagen are very important to improve the elasticity for the skin in this area.

Natural treatments aren't an immediate fix and can take a long time to see noticeable results. They also require lots of maintenance especially if weight is an issue.

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