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How do you reduce hips?

Written by Kenz Hernandez | Medically reviewed by Editorial Team
Last updated on: April 19, 2024

What are the causes of hip fat?

Accumulation of localised fats around the hip and abdomen is mainly caused by insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is developed over time, it is generally linked to faulty lifestyle. High consumption of refined and processed foods, and sugary products trigger the body to produce a high amount of insulin which is also known as Insulin Spike. Failure to manage insulin resistance will lead to lifestyle related Diabete Mellitus. Meanwhile, there are treatments that can help the body to recover from insulin resistance and effectively reduce hip fats. 

Ways to lose hip fat

Exercises to lose hip fat

It is challenging to reduce hip fats through physical work-out alone. In addition, fat cells over this area are less sensitive to normal exercise programs and only few muscles are stimulated around the area during the training. It is very important to incorporate an effective diet plan to help in managing the release of insulin in the body, thus correcting insulin resistance at the same time. Here are some effective exercises that can aid in reduction of hip fats:

1. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) 

According to Wegege M., (2017), HIIT requires 40% commitment time compared to moderate continuous training among obese adults. Meanwhile, both programs are effective in reducing total body fats and hip circumference. It is recommended by the researchers to engage in HIIT at least 3 times a week for 10 weeks. 

2. Squats

Squatting is a compound exercise that innervates various muscle groups. It helps in toning the lower body including the hips, glutes, legs and abdomen. 

3. Leg Raise

Leg raise is a bodyweight exercise that involves lifting of the legs against gravity. It is effective in strengthening the core and improves hip mobility. 

Other ways to lose hip fat

1. A well-balanced diet

A healthy diet should contain all basic macro-nutrition required for the body to function well. On the other hand, unhealthy eating habits should be avoided such as snacking, binge eating and crash dieting. These food items should be avoided:

1. Sugary food

2. Processed and refined products

3. Soft Drinks

4. Alcoholic beverages 

2. Stress

Effective coping and stress management plays a role in insulin balance. Emotional eating or stress eating is triggered due to the unnecessary release of stress hormones. Managing stress is another way of helping the body to prevent deposition of fats. 

3. Hydration 

Published by WebMD, drinking water 1% more than required will affect the body’s satiety and calorie consumption. It will lower down saturated fat, sugar, sodium and cholesterol. Keeping the body hydrated has a long list of benefits. 

What treatment is available for hip fat?

Aside from a well-balanced diet and various exercise routines. Here are the alternative treatment that can speed-up the weight and fat reduction:

1. Trusculpt ID and Venus Bliss

These are fat loss treatments that can effectively get rid of stubborn fats around the hips. Trusculpt ID delivers radiofrequency, while Venus Bliss uses diode laser to target fats that initiate lipolysis and apoptosis.

2. Wonder Axon and Truflex

These are muscle stimulation devices that can be applied around the abdomen to improve the muscle tone and help trim down superficial fats. 

3. Lipolytic Injection and Weight Loss Injection

Lipolytic injections are also known as fat burn injections. This procedure involves injection of lipolytic chemicals to the subcutaneous fat layer. It works in superficial and localised fat deposits. Meanwhile, weight loss injections are medications that work by suppressing the appetite and insulin resistance. This treatment is not only affecting localised fat deposit, but it is effective in reducing the overall weight. 


Hips fats are very stubborn that may necessitate to engage in combination treatments and therapeutic lifestyle modification. It is crucial to correct the underlying cause of hip fat accumulation to effectively deliver dramatic results. A well-balanced diet and physical exercises are basic regimen to employ, while advanced treatments for  localised fat loss, body contouring and slimming are supportive regimen to shorten the time required for the body to get rid of stubborn fats. 

FAQs: How to reduce hip

Is back hip fat loss possible?

Yes, it is possible to reduce back hip fats. However, combination of various regimens and therapeutic lifestyle change will provide significant results. 

How do I lose weight in the area of my hips?

There are scientifically proven treatments that can be done to reduce body fat mass, specifically over the hips. Localised fat loss treatments such as Trusculpt ID and Venus Bliss can precisely destroy fat cells with the use of radiofrequency or laser energy. Other remedies include HIIT training and physical exercise, as well a well-balanced diet plan. 

How can I slim my hips in three days? ( What is the fastest way to slim my hips?) 

The most effective way to trim down the hips is through the use of energy-based slimming appliances and localised fat burn injections. This combination approach is proven to provide  improvement and  reduction of fat volume. 

What leads to hip fat?

The underlying cause of hip fats accumulation is insulin resistance. Insulin resistance can be prevented by avoiding sugar and refined-processed foods. It is also helpful to engage in physical exercises to promote insulin balance and sugar regulation.

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