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Body composition Analysis
(Inbody 970)

Inbody 970

A high-quality body composition device designed for medical and fitness professionals, the Inbody 970 goes beyond standard outputs, providing a wealth of information across multiple Result Sheets. Use the Comparison, Research, and Evaluation Result Sheets to monitor health over time, gather in-depth research data, and deliver evidence-based insights.

Our weight loss and body contouring treatments start with an FDA approved scientific approach using 'InBody 970’ for an accurate assessment about your physical and health conditions such as body fat mass, skeletal muscle mass, soft lean mass, total body water and much more with detailed data on each body part in a comprehensive 6 pages report.

Direct Segmental Measurements

Get accurate, precise measurements for each individual segment of your body. Our BIA technology provides custom outputs that show your body’s muscle sufficiency percentage and how your body composition compares to others of the same height and gender.

Comprehensive Results

See what you’re made of. Contrast separate Result Sheets for Body Composition, Body Water, Evaluation, Research, Comparison, and more, and learn how to create a foundation for long-term health.

Multi-Industry Versatility

Use the Inbody 970’s next-generation biometrics to enhance your medical practice or personal training business. Customize your Inbody 970 experience for your professional needs, using its extensive menu of outputs.

It is only AED 190 and completely free with any weight loss treatment.

For 190 AED, free with any weight loss treatment.

Why SKIN111 ?

  • Free consultation with highly qualified Doctors or Specialists with many years of experience
  • FDA Approved Technologies
  • DHA and MOH approved ingredients
  • Scientific approach for personalized treatment plans
  • Offering the best prices, highest quality of service, and state of the art facilities
  • Located in Gate village – DIFC and The Pointe - Palm Jumeirah.
  • Free valet parking / private parking

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