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Glutathione & Vitamin C IV Drip

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is a peptide found in all cells of the body, including immune cells. It is identified as the master antioxidant because of its incredible ability to promote skin health, body function, overall mood, and well-being and remove heavy metals, toxins, and free radicals. It comprises three essential amino acids (cysteine, glutamate, and glycine).

Benefits of Glutathione & Vitamin C IV Drip:

  • Improving immune function and aiding in disease prevention
  • Skin brightening by removing hyperpigmentation and inhibiting melanin production in cells
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Assisting your body in breaking down and eliminating fat
  • Keeping your body from developing drug resistance
  • Increasing energy and mental clarity
  • Providing anti-ageing benefits
  • Improving sleep quality and reducing stress caused by sleep apnea
  • Detoxification and oxidative stress management

How does Glutathione work on the skin?

Glutathione contains a lot of amino acids. The best about this antioxidant is that it is completely safe and contains no free radicals or toxins that could harm your skin. It aids in cleansing your skin, removing impurities, and achieving a brighter complexion. As a result, you can expect your hyperpigmentation levels to decrease. In addition, Glutathione protects the skin from toxins, prevents dark spots and acne, and removes impurities, resulting in brighter, glowing skin.

Oligoscan at Skin111

Before undergoing the Glutathione IV drip therapy, our doctor will carry out an Oligoscan.The Oligoscan uses high-frequency light spectrophotometry to analyse your body's trace elements, minerals, and heavy metals. That's 20 essential minerals and trace elements and 14 toxic heavy metals. It measures and detects deficiencies and surplus levels by scanning the palm of your hand.


This is an effective and safe treatment.
The Glutathione IV drips can be administered once or twice a week for maximum skin brightening and lightening effects as recommended by our specialists.
The drip has visible skin lightening effects in as little as two weeks after the first session.
The IV is injected directly into the muscle, usually in the upper arm or on the gluteal muscle. It is painless, easy, and effective.

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